Top 5 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World

Roller coasters are the hottest rides in recreational parks around the world. The top 5 world's tallest roller coasters, in descending purchase, are Kingda Ka, Top Thrill Dragster, Superman: The Escape from Krypton, Tower of Terror II, and the Steel Dragon 2000.

Kingda Ka is hailed because the world's tallest roller coaster. It is situated in Six Flags Wonderful Journey Park in Jackson, New Jersey, USA. It reaches a height of 456 feet (139 meters), accelerates to a speed of 128 miles each hour in three.five seconds plus a trip lasts for 28 seconds. It was introduced for the media in September 2004 and was formally commenced to the public on May well 2005. It's a strata coaster, a roller coaster with a complete circuit. It utilizes hydraulic lift-off rocket mechanism and utilizes an engineered electromagnetic catapult launch. Its name originated from a golden tabby Bengal tiger from an Indian myth.

Leading Thrill Dragster will be the 2nd tallest roller coaster globally. It is situated in Cedar Point Park in Sandusky, Ohio, USA. It reaches a height of 420 ft (128 meters) and accelerates to a velocity of 120 miles per second in three.8 seconds as well as a ride lasts for 17 seconds. It is in addition a complete circuit roller coaster or strata coaster. It is also a hydraulic lift-off rocket roller coaster that gives passengers an adrenaline rush and uses an electromagnetic brake method for smooth quit.

Superman: The Escape from Krypton is the world's 3rd tallest roller coaster. It is found in 6 Flags Magic Mountain Park in Valencia, California, USA. It reaches a height of 415 ft (126 meters) and having a pace of 100 miles each hour. It makes use of a magnetic induction launch mechanism. It is a shuttle roller coaster kind.

Tower of Terror II is the fourth tallest roller coaster internationally. It is located in Dreamworld Amusement Park in Coomera, Queensland, Australia. It reaches a height of 377 (115 meters) feet and accelerates to a pace of a hundred miles per hour in 7 seconds along with a trip lasts for 27 seconds. It is actually a steel shuttle roller coaster sort and makes use of a magnetic induction start system. It had a renovation and was re-introduced in September 2010. It's not regarded as a roller coaster by some people. Truly, it is only a tower auto that increases and down.

Steel Dragon 2000 will be the fifth tallest roller coaster in the world. It is situated in Nagashima Spa Land Amusement Park in Nagashima, Mie, Japan. It reaches a height of 318 feet (97 meters), with a velocity of 95 miles per hour plus a ride lasts for 3 minutes and 17 seconds. It had been released to the public in 12 months 2000(a yr from the dragon). It uses a conventional chain start mechanism, making it as the world's tallest roller coaster that continuously utilizing that particular lift-off program. It is in addition the world's longest roller coaster getting an amount of 8133 feet (2749 meters). Its design resembles dragon's tail via its series of camel humps-like structures.

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